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Leader in the Production of Tin(IV) Oxide

Oximet exports its tin(IV) oxide-based products all over the world. The experience our technicians have acquired over the years allows us to satisfy the widest range of requirements, spanning numerous different sectors.

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What is Tin(IV)Oxide (SnO₂)?

Tin(IV)Oxide, sometimes known as stannic oxide, is a white, odorless powder which is insoluble in water and many aqueous acidic solutions, but soluble in hot concentrated alkalis.

It is obtained using various techniques ranging from transformation of tin metal, or from tin-based precursors.

It features numerous interesting properties, ranging from its excellent opacifying and abrasive properties, through its glass refining properties, right through to its electrical semiconductor properties.

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Fields of Application

Pigments and Frits

Tin(IV) oxide is widely recognized to have superior opacifying and stabilizing properties. For this reason, it is an important component of ceramic bodies, colorings, enamels, glazes, and frits.

Fields of Application


Given its chemical and physical properties, particularly its very fine granulometric distribution, tin(IV) oxide is suitable for use as a ceramic ink.

Fields of Application

Ceramics and Sanitaryware

Tin(IV) oxide's excellent stability provides a unique shininess and shade of white. It is precisely for this reason that it is widely used for the production of plates, containers, sanitaryware and ceramic products in general.

Fields of Application

Glass Industry

Thanks to its chemical and physical properties, the presence of tin(IV) oxide in the glass mixture allows a defect-free finished product to be obtained.

Fields of Application

Brake and Clutch Industry

Its excellent abrasive qualities and high stability make tin(IV) oxide an essential component for the production of brakes and clutches.

Fields of Application

Aerospace Sector

Many components used in this sector incorporate tin(IV) oxide, due to its excellent electrical and chemical properties. 

Fields of Application


Tin(IV) oxide is a semiconductor. This makes it widely used in the production of electronic components, on its own or in combination with other elements.

Fields of Application

Marble and Granite Polishing

Thanks to its excellent abrasive properties and its fineness, tin(IV) oxide is widely used for polishing of hard surfaces.

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